Pacific Institute of Resource Management
advisory board

Pacific Institute of Resource Management Constitution


(a) Deterioration of the global ecosystem by the rapid depletion of natural resources, and the degradation of the environment.

(b) Increasing probability of the destruction by war of the global environment and of life on earth.

(c) Inability to sustain the non-renewable resources of the world at the current rate of use.

(d) Government and corporate use of resources without due regard to a conservation strategy.


(a) To develop methods for the use of human and natural resources upon which New Zealand could be self-supporting in the future.

(b) To install in the minds of people and of Government agencies, attitudes that recognise and respect natural processes; the need to conserve our physical resources; and the integrity of all life forms.

(c) To advise and educate on the long term use of our natural and human resources.

(d) To advocate corporate and government responsibility and accountability in the use of resources.

(e) To contribute to the establishment of New Zealand as a strong, independent, active authority, advocating implementation of a world conservation strategy with immediate emphasis on the elimination of weapons causing mass destruction or damage to the environment.

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